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Kure Taisho-cho Market
Fresh Fish and vegetables.
<Kure district>


Kuroshio Kobou
Seared bonito making experience.
<Kure district>
Nakatosa Town Museum of Art
How about some art appreciation?
<Kure district>
Oldest sake brewery in the prefecture
Sake brewery and sake gallery.
<Kure district>
Kure Hachimanguu Shrine
Famous For its pyrotechnic Hachimanguu Festival.
<Kure district>
Futana Island
The legendary islands brought by ogres.
<Kure district>
Kokamada Beach
A beach that looks out at Futana Island.
<Kure district>
Walking through Kure
Walking in Nakatosa―base for Shimanto goods distribution and bonito pole-fishing.
<Kure district>
Soemimizu Walking Track
The pilgrimage track that left behind precious footprints of the area's pioneers.
<Kure district>
Osaka's Cherry Blossom Boulevard
A beautiful cherry blossom boulevard.
<Kure district>
Kogusa Park Golf・Playground
Facing the Pacific Ocean, a park that can be enjoyed by 3 generations.
<Kaminokae district>
kaminokae Fishing Experience
The ladies'kindness, and the fishermen's
<Kaminokae & Yaiga districts>
Yaiga Diving Service
You can even go scuba diving.
<Kaminokae & Yaiga districts>
Yaiga's Fishing Raft
Just try stopping this angler's finger!
<Kaminokae & Yaiga districts>
Koyaiga Beach
A truly beautiful beach.
<Kaminokae & Yaiga districts>
Tenmanguumae Camp Site
Gaze upon a star filled sky.
<Onomi district>
Shimanogawa Ravine
A ravine abound in nature.
<Onomi district>
Fire-fly Watching
It's a fantastic sight.
<Onomi district>
Manga Shrine
The fantastically unique Manga Shrine.
<Onomi district>

Kuroshio Koubou
Seared bonito, dried fish and chimaki rice cake lunch sets.
<Kure district>
Kaze Koubou(cake shop)
Fresh strawberries picked in the morning.
<Kure district>
Bonito Country's Eatery Yorozuya
Seafood cuisine with a preference for rice cooked on a wood burning stove.
<Kure district>
The Marketplace Eatery Hamachan
Eat seasonal fish available from the Taisho-machi
<Kure district>
Café do kuremon
‘Kure-tilla’and ‘Nabura Soup Curry’in Kure
<Kure district>
Tokoroten eaten with bonito stock.
<Kure district>
Tastes great even when cold.
<Kure district>
Local Sake
Local Sake from the Kure and Onomi sistricts.
<Kure district>
Kaminokae's Kelp Beauties
Gently grown in Tosa's Kuroshio current.
<Kaminokae & Yaiga districts>
Kumaaki's Spring Water
Spring water that seeps out from the rocks.
<Onomi district>
Special produce representative of the Onomi district.
<Onomi district>
Wild Sweetfish from the Shimanto river
Sweetfish fromth headwaters of the Shimanto river.
<Onomi district>
A member of th salmon family, it has lots of fatty flesh.
<Onomi district>


Bonito Country's Hotspring Hotel-Kuroshio Honjin
An impeccable open air bath in the perfect location.
<Kure district>
Fukuya Inn
A long standing establishment of high repute.
<Kure district>
Otani Inn
A long standing establishment of high repute.
<Kure district>
A welcoming guest house
<Kaminokae & Yaiga districts>
Riders Inn Nakatosa
Accommodation for motorbike enthusiasts.
<Kaminikae & Yaiga districts>
The Simanto Headwaters House(gneryu no ie)
Accommodation filled with natures breath.
<Onomi district>
An old house reformed into a B and B
<Onomi district>

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Maps of Nakatosa Town's districts.

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Short movie downloads.

Unloading the catch at Kure Fishing Harbour.
25th of Septeber. Unloading a haul of snapper and tuna. (mpg1.3mb)

Walking along the Taisho-cho Market
Walking up the arcade.(mpg1.3mb)

Walking along the Taisho-cho Market #2
Ordering some fresh fish.(mpg1.3mb)

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